1.- Who is responsible for the processing of my data?

Mrs. Alicia Casquero Arias, with DNI 53102992-V, and registered office at C/ Perdices 7 (28670 – Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid, Spain (hereinafter, "Nika Kids").


Phone: +34 644 05 01 97

2.- What categories of personal data will Nika Kids process?

As we will inform you below, when you use the Nika Kids website (hereinafter, the "Website") we will use different types of information and personal data, which we indicate below. Since we are not always going to use all your data for all the purposes reported, throughout this document we are going to explain the type of personal information that we will use in each case:

Category Personal information
Identification data Name and surname, age, IP address.
Contact information Telephone, contact email, contact address and place of delivery of the products you buy.
Economic and financial data Bank card and checking account details. Address for billing purposes.
Purchase data Date of amount of the operation, identity of the parties, object of the transaction.
Commercial information User's purchase history.

3.- For what, and on what legal basis, does Nika Kids process my personal data?

From Nika Kids we will treat your data for the following purposes and, in each case, in accordance with the legal bases that we expose below.


There is a series of data that we need and that we request as "mandatory", because they are necessary to manage the purchase of the product that you have chosen, or to provide you with the services that you may request.

In this way, the fact that you do not provide them would prevent us from attending to your request or concluding the purchase of the product.

More specifically, we refer to the following processing of personal data:

a) Register as a client and registered user.

First of all, at Nika Kids we will need to process your data to formalize your registration as a client and registered user on our Website, as well as to send you any communication related to its operation (management and solution of possible technical incidents, notifications in case of modification of the contracting conditions, or for the management of any possible claim that you need to formulate).

For this activity we will process your identification and contact data.

b) Management of your purchases on the Website.

On the other hand, Nika Kids will process your personal data to manage your purchases: to process your orders, prepare them, send them to the address you indicate, invoice and proceed to collect the price, as well as to keep you informed of the delivery status of your order. and deal with possible returns or claims.

For this, we will need your identification, contact, economic and financial data, as well as the data of your purchases and the commercial information that you provide us.

c) Sending bulletins, newsletters and subscriptions

Provided that you have expressly consented to it, Nika Kids will carry out by electronic means the sending of bulletins, as well as newsletters, and information about our activities and services.

To do this, we will need to process your identification and contact data.


There is another series of treatments that we will also carry out. We are going to expose them to you, differentiating which is the legitimizing basis among all those indicated in article 6 of the European General Regulation 2016/679, on Data Protection, which allows us in each case:

a) Compliance with legal obligations

On the one hand, Nika Kids may process your data to comply with the different legal obligations that may be required at any time. We refer, mainly and among others, to those provided for in the following regulations:

  • Law 58/2003, of December 17, General Taxation .
  • Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.
  • If requested by any Court or Tribunal, the State Security Forces and Bodies or any other competent Authority or Public Administration , we may also have to provide your personal data, as we are legally obliged to do so.

For this activity we will treat your identification, contact, economic and financial data and data related to your purchases .

These obligations of a legal nature will exist and will be fulfilled by Nika Kids even after unsubscribing from our service, and not having any pending orders, during the terms that in each case are imposed by current legislation.

b) For the legitimate interest of Nika Kids

There are other treatments that we want to carry out because we have a "legitimate interest" in them and because, in addition, we understand that they do not harm your privacy. Of course, about them, you have the right in any case to (i) obtain more information about what this "legitimate interest" to which we refer consists, (ii) to know how we have reached the conclusion that they do not harm your privacy, (iii) or directly to oppose them. You can do so as we indicate in the following section 7, indicating the specific treatment to which you oppose and the reasons on which you base your request.

We will detail and explain these treatments.

1. Preparation of internal reports

On the one hand, we want to continuously improve our service (mainly, getting the products that can be bought through it right, so that they are always interesting; the way in which it is designed, which influences how customers can navigate through it to search, compare and buy products, or how to proceed to pay the price in an agile way). We have a special interest in serving your user experience as best as possible, improving your degree of satisfaction and being able to meet your expectations when you browse through it.

For this reason, we want to treat the information related to the navigation of our users through our Website (time slot, searches, type of products selected), and carry out market studies with it, internal statistics, and prepare internal commercial reports on its operation.

In this case, we will treat your identification data, contact information and your commercial information.

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations, we have developed what is known as a “balancing test”. This is an internal analysis aimed at confirming that our legitimate interest does not harm the interests of our users in the protection of their personal data.

As a conclusion of this test, we understand that the legitimate interest of Nika Kids prevails due to: (i) the value generated by the suggestions (or complaints) that our users and customers may make to us, which allow us to identify potential improvements to our Website , with a view to being able to optimize our services as well as our services, and (ii) the benefit for the user of being able to ensure the implementation of the appropriate means to generate continuous improvement in our activity.

2. Personalized commercial actions by Nika Kids on its own products 

As long as you are our customer, we want to send you commercial communications about our own products and services, similar to others that you have purchased from us, as well as information about our programs and raffles. In this regard, you should know that these commercial communications would be adapted to your profile, interests and needs, and that we may send them through automated means or not (via postal mail, telephone or fax, SMS, instant messaging applications, networks social networks, email, or any other electronic or telematic means available at any time).

For the personalization of the aforementioned commercial communications, and based on the legitimate interest recognized by the applicable regulations, Nika Kids will only process the information that we already have about you in our systems. In particular, we will treat your identification data , your contact data and the information we have about the purchases you have made on our Website .

In addition, and as we have already indicated, we would take into account your purchase history, the type of products or services purchased, the data provided when completing surveys, where appropriate, or any other suggestion or query that you may have raised.

For this reason, we will keep your purchase history and use the details of the products you have purchased to suggest other similar products that we think you might also be interested in.

From Nika Kids we will carry out the above as long as you continue to be our client and unless you indicate otherwise, opposing you in the manner indicated in section 7.

In this sense, we inform you that when you indicate your opposition to receiving this kind of communications, we will understand that you oppose receiving them through the channel through which you have expressed your opposition or through which, where appropriate, you expressly indicate, understanding that we can send them to you through the other channels. This, of course, unless you expressly tell us that you want to stop receiving said communications through all the communication channels that we have enabled with you.

As in the previous cases, we have carried out a "balancing test" to verify that our legitimate interest does not harm the interests of our users.

In conclusion, we understand that our interest in carrying out this treatment prevails in order to: (i) be able to maintain the relationship with you by contracting new products; (ii) know your interests in relation to the products that are for sale; and (iii) improve the conditions of use of our Website. All this will help us to generate a profile of you as a client that allows us to send you offers of products and services that are as tailored as possible, that respond to your tastes and preferences. In this way, as a client, you will mainly receive commercial information about products that may interest you.

From the foregoing, we understand that at Nika Kids we have a legitimate interest that does not affect your privacy, since for this treatment only data that you have already provided yourself will be used, or that have been generated in the contractual relationship (discarding those obtained from external sources, third parties, unrelated to Nika Kids). In addition, it must be taken into account that this is an activity permitted and limited by current regulations on data protection and electronic communications and interpreted by the data protection authorities.

In any case, you have the right to obtain more information about the legitimate interests of Nika Kids, as well as to exercise your right to oppose and refuse to receive this kind of commercial communications.

4.- How long will we keep your data?

We will process your personal data as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which you provided it to us. Fundamentally, during the entire time that you maintain the contractual and/or business relationship with us.

In any case, after that we will keep your personal data duly blocked: in accordance with the legal provisions, we will only keep them (i) during the periods determined in each case by the applicable regulation, and (ii) to deal with possible claims or ( iii) make them available to the competent authorities.

Once these deadlines have elapsed, we will proceed to its definitive deletion.

5.- To which recipients will your data be communicated?

As a general rule, your personal data will only be processed by Nika Kids. However, on certain occasions, your personal data may be communicated to those third parties to whom we are legally obliged to provide them, such as Public Bodies and Authorities, the Tax Agency, the Courts and Tribunals or the State Security Forces and Bodies.

Apart from the previous data communications, Nika Kids may have the collaboration of third-party service providers who may have access to your personal data and who will process them in their name and on their own as a result of their provision of services.

Nika Kids follows appropriate criteria for the selection of service providers in order to comply with its obligations in terms of data protection and undertakes to sign the corresponding data processing contract with them, through which it will impose, among other , the following obligations: apply appropriate technical and organizational measures; treat personal data for the agreed purposes and only following the documented instructions of Nika Kids; and delete or return the data once the provision of the services ends.

6.- Should I keep my data updated?

We ask that all the information you provide us for our databases be correct, complete, exact and duly updated.

Thus, if any of the personal data that you have communicated to us changes, and especially your postal address, email address and/or contact telephone numbers, you must tell us as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you do not inform us of these possible changes, those communications that we have sent to your postal or email address or to the telephone numbers that appear in our files will continue to be valid.

7.- What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

  • You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not at Nika Kids we are processing personal data that concerns you and, in such a case, to access them, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion. when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • In certain circumstances, you may request the limitation of the processing of your data.
  • In certain cases and for reasons related to your particular situation, as well as in those situations in which Nika Kids processes your data for our legitimate interest, you may oppose the processing of your data. In this case, Nika Kids will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons or the exercise or defense of possible claims.
  • Likewise, you can request the portability of your data in a commonly used and machine-readable format for its transmission to another data controller.
  • From this moment and in any subsequent moment you have the option to withdraw any authorization that you have granted us. In these cases, this will not prejudice the contractual relationship with Nika Kids.
  • Nika Kids has not adopted decisions based solely and exclusively on the automated processing of your data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the applicable regulations recognize your right to oppose this type of treatment, including profiling, being able to request human intervention, express your point of view and challenge decisions.

You can exercise all the rights indicated above, providing a copy of your ID, by writing to the e-mail:

Finally, you can also complain to Nika Kids and/or to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (as such competent Control Authority in matters of Data Protection), especially when you have not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of your rights, by writing to to or through the website

Madrid, September 2021