About us


The idea for Nika Kids was born at a turning point in my life, at a time of personal and spiritual growth like never before, and with a desire to undertake that until then had always curbed my fears. 

I have dedicated 25 years to the world of retail working for different brands, and although I really enjoyed doing it, the endless days robbed me of irretrievable time with my family, and "Them"...growing up.

So you could say that Nika Kids was born out of the need to align my two passions: fashion and family.

We have always wanted our daughters to grow up in natural spaces, to play in the fields, to use nature to recharge their batteries, and so they have grown up, with respect to what she gives us. 

Nika Kids is a careful selection that brings together clothes from brands that have as a common thread the innateness of a child, their spontaneity, the naturalness of their laughter, the color of life, revealing the originality with which they are born. Their fabrics, designs, and prints accompany them in their games, in their movements, in their personality, always respecting and caring for their world, our world, hand in hand with the path of absolute sustainability. 

In short, Nika Kids represents more than sustainable children's clothing, it represents fulfilled dreams, family, respect for the planet and, above all, creating a conscious and respectful community with the environment.

we love the planet